Bahir Dar


bahir darThe fast growing city of Dar with its beautiful pla avenues filled with garde overflowing with tropical vegetation. Situated on the southern top of lake Tan enjoys excellent connect i with the lake and as the Blu falls (Tis Sat).

The Blue Nile falls know locally as Tis Isat which means “smoke of fire”is by for the greatest spon either the white nor the Blue Nile rivers where it has been visited b many notable visitors such as the lake eighteenth century traveler Jame Bruce and in more recent times. Queen Elizabeth of Britain. Lake Tan which is sources of the Blue Nile is the largest body of water in Ethiopia covering 3,500 sq. km. Featuring 37 islands on which more than 20 is 1 have spectacular and monasteries dating the 14th centure where immensely remarkable treasures of countries old.

bahir darHistory, culture and art are delicately and carefully sheltered within these islands. BAHIR DAR 518km away from Addis Ababa, it is located on the southern of the Blue Nile with its ancient monasteries and both the Blue and the White Nile is most spectacular feature, the Tis Iat waterfalls, on the island at Depa Estefanos, you will find the monastery or DEK Stefanos, which has a priceless collection of icons manuscripts and houses the mummified remains of a number of Ethio emperors.