AxumAxum was the queen of Sheba’s capital the 10th century B.C. The Axumite kingdom was one of the most power fu empires in the ancient world when , the Queens army and fleer contrlled the whole of the red Sea area for over a thousand years. The colossal stelaes an ruins where the magnificent palaces once stood data from this period.

The people who erected these giant monuments were pre-Christian, following a cult of the sun and moon goddess. This is the birthplaces of Ethiopian civilization.

By the 1st century Axum was a major trading centre for exotic goo from and to Egypt, Rome, Nubia, Greece, Syria, China and India v the Red Sea…

Legend has it that the Ark of t covenant was brought here be the destruction of the Temple, Axum was reputed to be the second Jerusalem. The Cashed St. Mary of Zion is said to be t final resting places of the origin Ark orAxum covenant.

Axum is also famous for its’ a inspiring great stelae and stone monoliths which have much to tell the architectural superiority of the builders of the Axumite Empire They produced towers of the builders of the Axumite Empire They produced towers of superb proportions thrusting to heaven stairways for the soul of the dead. The soul may have departed , but spirit of the past is still very much alive in Axum.