LalibelaLalibela, once a thriving and popular formerly knows as Roha, which no bears the name of king Lalibela (111207), was the capital of the media Zagwe dynasty. Lalibela’s remarkable rock-hewn monolithic churches have been built by the famous king lalibela the late 12th and early 13th century impressing notable structure are crafted inside and out, in to the solid rock. And are considered among the wondres of  the world.

These towering edifices, great columns, outstanding colonnades, the magnificent coffered ceilings and vaults are presumed to be of superhuman in their creation, workmanship, style, concept, architecture, scale and are, concept, architecture, scale and art. These distinctively inspiring churches still remain today as examples of a living faith inherited from generations past, manifested in colorful and moving glimpse into the early days of the Christian church.

LalibelaLalibela 642km from the capital city is internationally renowned foe its rock-hewn churches, which are some times called the wonder of the world.

Ethiopia has a number of festivals through the year starting with the spring or Tseday, the time of the Ethiopian new Year, which ails on Meskaram September 11. /this is also the beginning at the harvest season. Which is the  time of parties and weddings. The most unusual at the countries festival Kullubi Gebriel. Sheikh Hussein, Gishen mariam and Sofomer. Huge crowd arrive to pray for health , for a new baby on important festival Maskal, falls on September 27 and which celebrated the discovery of the true cross by St. Helena and on the day there are dance and fasting for everyone.