HararEastern Ethiopia provides a most extraordinary diversity of both landscapes and people. The vast Ogaden plateau and the broad Savannah can be arid territory traversed by occasional herds of camels, goats and cattle, as the nomadic people follow the sparse rains.

The hot dusty landscapes, enlivened by termite hills, are a harsh environment, but the Somali and Afar people of this region are strong, hardy, and expect in achieving the most out of their demanding lands. The more fertile northern reaches are mountainous, and home of the best coffee in Ethiopia. Here traditional farming methods are still employed side by side with more land management.

The romantic walled city of HARAR, considered by many Muslim to be a notable city is a places that really known how to roll out the red carpet. Whatever u come for the famous architecture, the wonderful history, the spectacular countryside, the friendly people you will always leave with a hankering to return. The mosques of sheikh Abubeker one of Harar’s 87 mosques remind you of the city’s strong Muslim Heritage.

Things To see In Harar

The city walls
The city walls, and the narrow streets lined with traditional harari gegar houses.

Rimbaud House
A fine traditional house dating from the period when the French poet Rimbaud lived in Harar.

The Hayena Men

hayna harar
As evening falls local men attract wild hyenas to the city in a bizarre spectacle as they bravely feed these dangerous scavengers.

Babile Elephant Sanctuary
East from is the Babile Elephant Sanctuary, cloth to a small town of the same name famous for its hot springs and the Babile “Valley of marvels.’ The 6982km2 reserve is as an centaury for a endemic sub-species of elephant but is also home to black –manned lions, kudu and wild ass.