A Mystery yet to be resolved

gonderIs one if Ethiopia’s most facilities and one of the world’s mysterious, By road this ancient settlement, which stands at the of the middle semien mountains, is 7 north of the landscape of incomparable beauty, Gonder, which became the royal capital of Ethiopia in the 700 km north of the capita Addis Ababa is a landscape of incomparable beauty, Gondar , which become the royal capital of Ethiopia in the 17th century under Emperor Fasiledes who built the first and most famous castles, is rich in fabulous history and ancient monuments. Nobody have discovery for certain why Fasiledes chose this places as his capital , ever emote in 1636 when he moved his court here than it is today. Nor has anyone traced the true source of the architecture which inspired the Gondarene castles. Some were possibly modeled on the old palaces of Arabia.

The castles stand in rolling parkland, within fortified wall. As you pace empty halls, audience chambers, and battlements, your imagination wills the echoes of long ago battles and courts intrigue. Another edifice of there the Bathing palace, stood in a pool filled with water dawn by canal from a nearby river. It could only be reached by draw-bridge. gonderThe pool is generally empty today; however, once each year during the annual Epiphany, Timket, celebrations-it is filled again.

Outside the palace compound is another important building, the church of Debre Birhan Selassie (Light of the trinity which stand on raised ground) is located  to the north west of the city. Described by a contemporary visitor as a ‘ stupendous and wondrous edifice ‘ it was , in its heyday, surmounted by cross while its walls ‘marvelously painted from top to botto with innumerable senses of Biblical and medieval history. Today, the gold cross is long gone, Debre Birhan Selassie still stands with its I decorations preserved.

Many interesting excursions can be made from the city – south to the s of Lake Tana at Gorgora (where other ancient castle and churches are located ), or north towards the wonderland of the Semien mountains.

The semien Mountains have been called the roof of Africa living north Gonder comprising one of the principal mountain massifs of Africa. B paramount level of view, be it anywhere, Ethiopia or Africa the dramat scenery of the semien offer an incredibly spectacular and breath taken . gonderThe semien Mountains National park gives you an excellent taste of Ethiopia’s remarkable wild life Home to an incredibly imme variety of endemic plants, mammals  and birds. Among the mammals the distractively beautiful walia Ibex  found nowhere else in the world but here. This park has been declared as the  world Heritage by UNESCO.